Alfama District

 I definitely recommend you to dive into the narrow cobbled streets of Alfama district to experience an unforgettable Lisbon memory with vibrant colorful nostalgic trams. Located between Sao Jorge Castle and Tejo River, Alfama mirrors the spirit of the city; It is a region with many characteristic Portuguese elements, from its architecture to its original steep streets. Alfama has a shabby vibe. When it comes to shabby restaurants, dilapidated old buildings, streets with steep slopes that have not lost their originality, and historical buildings, Alfama has been able to preserve its essence until today. The streets of the historical district are like a labyrinth; even sometimes it can be difficult to navigate through them, but I can say that it is as challenging and attractive as it is. Wherever you turn your head, Alfama offers you an interesting detail worth examining and exploring. In some parts of the district, you can see beautiful city and river views, each more beautiful than th